Landscaping Mulch and Compost Delivery to Farmington, Utah

We’ve built a strong reputation in the community for providing excellent customer service at a reasonable price. All of our supplies can be delivered to Farmington for a small fee, From garden soil, mulch, and compost to gravel, and wood chips, we have a wide range of landscaping materials you will want and may need. 

We color our dried wood mulch with a long-lasting, but environmentally friendly dye, so you can have a healthy, well-kept garden for up to four years. To complement your garden’s design, we offer mulch in black, dark brown, and shredded bark colors. Our Utah garden compost is made up of a unique combination of bark fines, black peat, and salt-treated steer manure. When it comes to composting, we only use high-quality materials!

Topsoil and Garden Soil Delivered in Bulk or a Bag

When it comes to our native soil, there’s not a lot to love. Because our soil has low levels of organic matter, the need for healthy topsoil is much higher here than in other areas. The Dirt Bag’s topsoil blends are carefully formulated and designed to provide soil-amending properties while also improving moisture retention and nutrient levels. Garden Soil Plus is the finest premium soil on the market. Our black compost-based soil is rich in useful microbes that are necessary for plant growth. Use it in vegetable gardens, planter boxes, shrubs, and lawns to give your garden a healthy start.

We Deliver Sod to Farmington, UT

The Dirt Bag is ready to serve you if you need sod delivered to your backyard, a park, a school, a playground, an office complex, or any sod project you have. Water is a valuable commodity in the Intermountain West, as we all know. Our sod products are designed to flourish with very little water, which saves you money in the long run. Using native cultivars and Utah-grown sod, your lawn will look and feel right at home, and it will mature in the same way.

Rocks for Your Landscaping Design and Needs

Landscaping rocks can serve a number of purposes from simple design looks to creating a low maintenance xeriscape. We have South Town Cobblestone with nice earth tones and natural colors that run about an inch and half in size. It is a great stone to use with flower beds, garden designs, around shrubs, bushes and trees. Our Oquirrh Gravel is smaller in size, ¾ inch, and has multiple applications from driveways, RV pads, walkways, patio areas, fence bordering and more. We deliver our landscaping rocks in bulk or in our popular bags to the Farmington, Utah area for a small fee. Call us for pricing and delivery options.