Mulch, Compost & Topsoil Delivery in Cottonwood Heights

In Cottonwood Heights, get all your mulch, compost, topsoil and related landscaping materials delivered right to your home or business by experts at The Dirt Bag.

The Dirt Bag specializes in providing the best quality garden and landscape products in northern Utah. You have your choice of ordering our products in bulk or packaged in durable and convenient one-cubic-yard bags.

In addition to garden soil, shredded bark and other landscape products, we also offer our native Utah sod for pickup or delivery in Cottonwood Heights and the surrounding communities.

Free Delivery of Bagged Garden Soil, Mulch & Compost

The Dirt Bag offers our exceptional line of products in convenient one-cubic-yard bags, delivered to your Cottonwood Heights location at no charge.

You can place your order online or just call us at your convenience to inquire about pricing and delivery time. You won’t have to wait around at home for delivery, as long as you let us know where you’d like your bagged landscaping materials.

This means you can enjoy our high-quality garden soil, organic mulch, compost and many other bagged landscape products without fighting the crowds at the home improvement warehouse, loading and unloading heavy bags and wrecking your back.

As a result, you’ll actually have plenty of time and energy to spend completing your garden and landscape projects.

topsoil, mulch, compost in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Bulk Compost, Mulch & Topsoil Delivery

If you need more than a few cubic yards of landscaping products, The Dirt Bag has you covered.

We sell our garden soil, topsoil, compost, mulch, wood chips and more in bulk – in one-cubic-yard increments – delivered to your preferred location. We also sell pea gravel, cobble and Oquirrh gravel in bulk form.

You will love our low, low prices and minimal delivery charge for bulk materials delivery. We will place your materials wherever you specify, to make it easy and accessible for you to get your project done.

Native Utah Sod Delivery in Cottonwood Heights

The Dirt Bag offers our exclusive Kentucky bluegrass hybrid sod for pickup or delivery.

Just order a minimum of four pallets of sod – about 2,560 square feet – and we will deliver it to your location for a nominal fee. Or, if you order 10,000 square feet or more of our exceptional turf grass, we will deliver for free anywhere in Salt Lake County.

Created specifically for our northern Utah growing conditions, this sod is designed to resist weeds, pests and disease while requiring minimal watering and care. When you chose our sod for your lawn, you’ll save time and money while reducing your impact on the environment.

And, at only 44 cents per square foot, our Utah sod is cost-effective for even the largest projects.

The Dirt Bag is your locally owned and operated expert for all types of landscaping products and materials. Visit us online or call today for pricing or to order all the mulch, compost and topsoil you need delivered to your Cottonwood Heights location.