We fulfill bulk orders year round but bag orders are suspended until March.

We will match all competitors pricing on Cubic Yard Bags

Compost, Garden Soil, Mulch and Sand Delivery in Salt Lake City

The Dirt Bag is your go-to source of quality landscaping supplies in Utah. Shop with ease and confidence with our free delivery service to any location in Salt Lake County.

Need sand delivery in Utah? The Dirt Bag will deliver Utah landscaping products of your choice in 1 cubic yard reusable/resealable woven bags to your home anywhere in Salt Lake County. (If slightly outside of Salt Lake County, call and we may be able to setup a delivery).

Choose from Utah garden soils, compost, top dressings and bark mulches.

All of our products are tested and sterilized.

Delivery within 3-4 business days.

Turn to us for topsoil delivery in Utah. Nowhere else can you find the quality Utah topsoil, mulch, compost and other landscaping material delivered throughout Salt Lake City for less.

You may return empty bags to our office for a $5 refund per bag. (Bags must be in good reusable condition for refund, no tears or holes please).


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Clients Say
Cory S.Cory S.
Great service and value. Delivered the next day after purchasing. Using the forklift the dirt bag was placed over a ...

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Ronald R.Ronald R.
Kim, thank you so much for your great service and great price for your garden dirt mixture. It's exactly ...

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Meghan C.J.Meghan C.J.
The thing I like most about your product is that it helped my garden grow last year, considering I kill ...

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Rob J.Rob J.
I love that you guys deliver to my door. Great product that makes my yard look better.

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