Mulch, Soil & Compost Delivered for Your Riverton, Utah Garden & Landscape

For garden and landscape products – including topsoil, gravel, compost and mulch – The Dirt Bag has you covered.

In Riverton, Utah, and the surrounding communities of Salt Lake County, we offer free delivery of our bagged materials. You can also order in bulk if you prefer, for your projects of larger scope.

In addition to bulk and bagged materials, we also offer pickup or delivery of our hybrid Kentucky bluegrass native sod.

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products in the region for the lowest possible price. Our friendly and helpful staff makes ordering quick and easy. In fact, you can even order your bagged materials online.

Bagged Dirt & Landscape Materials Delivered Free in Riverton

The Dirt Bag’s signature products – our bagged garden and landscape materials – come to you in durable one-cubic-yard bags, delivered free to your location of choice in Riverton.

From topsoil, compost and garden mulch to shredded bark and wood chips, our products are perfect for all your garden projects. You can even get our perennial favorite Garden Soil Plus, delivered right to your door. This amazing planting mix is the best soil available for gardening, flowers and landscaping plants.

topsoil, mulch, compost in Riverton Utah

Not sure how much soil, mulch or sand you need? Don’t sweat it – we have a handy materials calculator on every page of our secure, easy-to-use website. You can order all your bagged materials right from the site.

Topsoil, Gravel, Sand & Garden Materials Delivery

For larger quantities of soil, compost, mulch or gravel, The Dirt Bag also delivers bulk landscape materials to our customers in Riverton and the surrounding communities.

Our bulk materials options also include Oquirrh gravel and South Town cobble. We also have Utelite soil conditioner, playground wood chips and shredded bark mulch. You can order bulk materials over the phone in just a few minutes or, if you prefer, simply stop by our materials yard to get a firsthand look at our exceptional landscaping materials.

We are committed to unconditional customer satisfaction and to making it quick, easy and affordable for our customers to get all the materials they need, delivered right to their door.

Your Go-to Riverton Utah Sod Supplier

In addition to our bagged and bulk materials, we also offer an exceptional variety of native Utah turfgrass sod. Our exclusive Kentucky bluegrass hybrid sod is designed to thrive in our northern Utah climate, using minimal water. Your lawn will be the lush, green envy of your neighborhood with little or no need for fertilizer, weed killer or pest control.

We can deliver your sod to you for a small charge (with a minimum 4 pallet order) or you can place your order and pick it up from us. If you order 10,000 square feet or more, however, we will deliver it free to any location in Salt Lake County.

Contact The Dirt Bag today or visit our website to explore the variety of high-quality materials we offer, or to place your order for mulch, compost, topsoil and other garden and landscape products.