Compost, Topsoil, & Landscaping Products Delivered to Bountiful, UT

We are a locally owned and operated landscaping supply company that charges a small delivery fee to deliver materials to Bountiful, Utah. We offer composts and topsoil blends that are carefully formulated and designed to provide soil-amending properties while also improving moisture retention and nutrient levels. We have the highest-quality gardening products in Utah, including topsoil, organic compost, and more, so you can have a healthy foundation for growing your favorite plants. You have the option of ordering in bulk or bagged products. Whether you need a lot or a little, you can count on The Dirt Bag for all of your landscape product needs.

Rocks for Landscaping & Design

Our 3/4-inch Oquirrh Gravel is perfect for driveways, walkways, fence borders, RV pads, patio areas, and more. South Town Cobblestone is a decorative rock with good earthtones and is excellent for landscape design. It is larger in size at 1.5 inches and is more of a decorative rock. We deliver landscaping rocks and gravel to Bountiful in bulk or bagged orders.

Mulch Delivery for Gardens and Flower Beds

Gardening in northern Utah can be difficult due to the poor quality of our native soil. Mulch provides a much-needed boost to your garden soil by preserving moisture and avoiding weed growth and pest infestation. When used as a top dressing, mulch gives your garden a crisp, fresh look. Delivery in bulk or 1 cubic yard bags, we have black, dark brown, and shredded bark mulch.

Sod Delivery in Bountiful, Utah

You can be confident that when your sod delivery arrives at your Utah home or office, it will meet our high quality standards and requirements. Even in the middle of summer, once your sod has developed itself, you should only need to water it once or twice a week. Our turf grass sod is cultivated and bred locally, and it’s designed to flourish in our region’s severe climate. Our product is intended to thrive with minimal water, as a home or business owner this will save you money in the long run.