Mulch, Topsoil & Landscape Materials Delivery To Tooele, UT

The Dirt Bag has you covered if you need mulch, topsoil and other landscaping materials delivered to your Tooele home or business.

In Toole and throughout northern Utah, we offer a full range of rock, gravel, garden soil, mulch and more. You may order your items in bulk or pick our convenient bagged goods for delivery. We are renowned for our landscaping materials’ excellent quality, all at incredibly low prices.

To ensure that one call to The Dirt Bag gets you everything you need for your gardening and landscaping designs, we also sell our lush, native Utah Kentucky Bluegrass sod.

Bulk Landscaping Materials Delivered in Tooele

You’re in luck if you would like to buy your landscaping supplies in bulk. We can deliver you garden soil, black mulch, brown mulch, shredded bark mulch, topsoil or soil conditioner for a small delivery fee. Or select our local favourite, Organic Mountain Compost, an excellent soil conditioner, custom blended to strengthen the difficult native soils of Utah.

We have sizes and colors that are natural to Utah and the landscaping demands, we also give a selection of rock, gravel and cobblestone.

In Tooele, call us or drop by our yard in West Jordan to order your bulk landscaping supplies. Order from the cubic yard and tell us where you’d like to deliver your stuff. For bulk products, we charge only a small shipping fee, depending on the size of your order.

Mulch, Compost, and Rock Landscaping Materials Delivery Service to Tooele, Utah

Bagged Mulch, Compost & Garden Soil Delivery

We are best known for our bagged and delivered landscaping products here at The Dirt Bag. You can select from hundreds of items of fine quality packaged in heavy-duty, one-cubic-yard reusable bags.

Garden soil, mulch, compost, wood chips, and shredded bark are just some of the things that your garden and landscape would require.

For a small delivery fee, we send our bagged product to Tooele, UT, so you’ll never have to haul your bagged dirt, mulch or compost in and out of your vehicle again. Save your back this year and call The Dirt Bag for delivery.

Sod Delivery in Tooele

The Dirt Bag is famous all over northern Utah for our lush native Utah sod. And, like all of our landscape goods, we’re going to deliver sod to the place of your choosing.

Order at least four pallets (2,160 square feet) and we will order the harvesting of your sod. We will deliver the sod in simple-to-handle rolls that are roughly 2 ft. x 5 ft.. If you buy 10,000 square feet or more then we can waive the delivery charge.

When you need bagged and bulk landscaping materials in Tooele, this is one Dirt Bag you will love.