Quality Landscaping Mulch & Bark in Utah for Beautiful, Lush Gardens

The Dirt Bag is the best place to find landscaping bark in Utah. We have a comprehensive selection of quality and affordable gardening products, including topsoil, rocks, compost and mulch, plus convenient delivery options.

Gardening in northern Utah has its challenges, given the quality of our native soil. Mulch provides your garden soil with a much-needed boost by helping it retain moisture and discouraging weed growth and pest infestation. When used as a top dressing, mulch also gives your garden a clean, fresh look.

What Else Can Mulch Do for Your Garden?

Consider mulch your personal helper in the garden. It makes many mundane and time-consuming tasks less of a chore, so you can enjoy beautiful blooms and a bountiful harvest sooner than you expect. Mulch can do the following:

  • Retain precious moisture in the soil and reduce evaporation
  • Repel pests such as fleas, gnats and ticks (especially with cedar, cypress or pine mulch)
  • Preserve nutrients in the soil and keep it reach, year after year
  • Protect plant roots from extreme temperature, erosion and mechanical injury caused by lawn mowers and weed eaters
  • Discourage weed growth, so you won’t have to pull weeds often or use as many weed killers

 Your Top Source for Mulch

We offer a variety of colored wood mulch in West Jordan, Utah, and the surrounding areas. The Dirt Bag uses a long-lasting and yet environmentally friendly dye in coloring dried wood, so you can enjoy a healthy, well-groomed garden for up to four years.

To make your shopping experience convenient, we deliver mulch in 1 cubic yard resealable woven bags throughout Salt Lake County. Plus, if you return our reusable bags to our office in good condition (no holes or tears, please), you get a $5 refund for every bag.

Learn more about our products or ask us about the type of mulch that will work best for your garden. Call us at (801) 260-0009 today!