Schedule Mulch Delivery to Prepare for the Utah Winter

Don’t wait too long to schedule mulch delivery. Applying a thick blanket of high-quality organic mulch in the early winter days is one of the easiest and most effective ways to preserve the health and beauty of your Utah landscape.

Winter mulching offers clear benefits in areas that get freezing temperatures. Here, we explain why you should consider scheduling mulch delivery soon.

Mulch delivery in Salt Lake City

Keep Your Plants in Dormancy

Perennial shrubs, trees and plants go into dormancy when the ground freezes in order to conserve their energy for growth in the spring. Mulching allows them to remain dormant, as it insulates the plant roots and keeps the soil temperature constant. Without winter mulch application, a sudden warm spell could end the dormancy and trigger new growth at the wrong time.

Prevent Frost Heaving

Rapid temperature fluctuations not only pull plants out of dormancy, they can also heave plants up out of the soil. And when freeze-and-thaw cycles expose their crowns or upper root systems, the chances of survival are slim. After mulch delivery and application of a three- to four-inch layer over the plant roots, frost heaving is highly unlikely.

Line Your Garden Paths

With the temperature fluctuations and winter precipitation, any dirt paths you have on your Utah property can easily turn to mud. To avoid this, arrange for mulch delivery. Cover your garden paths with a good layer of mulch, and you won’t have to walk through any mud or muck when you’re tending to the landscape.

Prepare for the Utah Winter

For the best results from winter mulching, tackle the task soon after the first hard frost hits your part of Utah. If freezing temperatures have already arrived, take the better-late-than-never approach – don’t simply skip mulch delivery, as that will leave your plants vulnerable all winter long.

Why Choose The Dirt Bag?

In northern Utah, homeowners schedule mulch delivery from The Dirt Bag for several reasons. We’re the landscape material supplier of choice because:

  • We offer high-quality bagged and bulk organic mulch for an affordable price
  • We deliver bagged landscape materials at no added cost in Salt Lake County (and our delivery fee for properties elsewhere in northern Utah is quite low)
  • We provide an easy, hassle-free way to get mulch to a northern Utah property
  • We’re a locally owned and operated business with a reputation for exceptional customer service

The Dirt Bag has all of the landscape materials you want and need – including organic compost, soil conditioner, garden soil, play sand and landscaping rocks — and all of our products are of the highest quality. Plus, our friendly team is happy to answer questions and offer expert advice on the use of landscape materials.

For more information on winter mulching, or to schedule mulch delivery, contact The Dirt Bag in West Jordan, Utah, today.