How to Prepare for Fall Mulch Delivery in Utah

Are you planning to schedule mulch delivery soon? Experts recommend mulching soon after the first hard frost hits and, in northern Utah, that could happen any day now.

When it comes to winter mulching, most homeowners put the focus on choosing the right product, deciding which garden beds need protection and determining how much material they need. However, experts recommend doing a bit of prep work before the mulch delivery truck arrives.

fall mulch delivery

Clean Up the Garden Beds

You could simply dump a layer of mulch on your garden beds, but experts recommend cleaning them up first. Get rid of any weeds and spent plants, then rake out any debris that remains. If you like, sort out the organic material and add it to a compost bin.

Aerate the Garden Soil

To prepare for mulch delivery, you should also use an aerator tool to allow the garden soil to breathe. Loosening up the soil creates better soil conditions, leading to healthier root system development in your next plantings.

Edge the Garden Beds

Before mulch delivery day, take the time to give your garden beds nice, clean edges – that way, the material will stay where it belongs. Use a square shovel, inserting the blade vertically to form a narrow trench, then sink strip edging in the channel or install decorative brick or stone edgers.

Choose a Mulch Delivery Site

Your last preparation step is to select a spot for the delivery professionals to place the material. Many homeowners decide on the driveway or a paved backyard surface, like a patio, but the mulch can go anywhere – as long as there’s a clear path to the delivery site.

Tips for Applying Mulch

For adequate protection from the harsh winter weather, garden beds need a three- to four-inch layer of mulch. To make application easier – and achieve professional-looking results – consider these tips:

  • Instead of a shovel, use a pitchfork to move the mulch

  • Borrow, rent or purchase a large wheelbarrow, as carrying more mulch per load will speed up the application

  • Spread the mulch around your garden beds with a steel-tine rake

  • Use a leaf blower to clean up the edges and smooth the top of the mulch

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