Guidelines for Using Garden Mulch

Applying garden mulch is a great way to suppress weed growth and provide your plants with a consistent supply of water and nutrients. Shredded natural bark mulch also enriches the soil as it breaks down, and there’s no denying its aesthetic appeal.

Simply put, mulching is good for both your plants and the look of your landscape – as long as you perform the task properly, that is. Here, the expert team at The Dirt Bag shares their best advice on using garden mulch.

How to use mulch

Choose a High-Quality Organic Garden Mulch

While all mulches have a similar look, they aren’t all the same. Your choice of which product to use matters, and gardening experts recommend high-quality organic mulch.

Organic mulches boost plant health and growth, offering benefits from the moment of application until it breaks down into nutrients that improve the soil. For garden beds, going organic with the landscape materials is best. Save inorganic options — like gravel, cobble and landscaping rock – for decorative accents and for areas with drainage problems.

Prepare Your Garden Beds Before Applying Mulch

Mulching helps prevent weeds from taking over your garden, but you no doubt already know how persistent these pesky, unwanted plants can be. Before applying mulch, take the time to hunt down and pull up every weed in your garden beds.

Also, for the best results, start your plants in a solid foundation of healthy, high-quality potting soil. Or, amend yours by adding organic compost or soil conditioner.

Add Enough Garden Mulch to Protect Your Plants

Plants don’t like piles of mulch. Add too much, and instead of conserving water, blocking weeds and improving the growing conditions, you might end up smothering the garden and killing the plants.

To gain the benefits of mulching, aim to apply an even layer about two or three inches deep. If the shredded bark has large chunks, you can add a four-inch layer. But don’t create volcanoes of garden mulch, or your plants may rot. Instead, leave a bit of breathing room – a few inches around each plant stem, and up to a few feet for trees and shrubs.

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