Use Raised Bed Planters to Extend Your Growing Season

Raised bed planters are ideal for Utah gardening projects from the early spring to the late fall. In fact, elevated planting areas can help you start your plants earlier in the year and extend your harvest well into the fall.

And, when you call on The Dirt Bag for all your garden soil, mulch and compost, you can rest assured that your garden will enjoy the highest quality landscape materials, custom blended specifically for use in our northern Utah climate.

Use Raised Bed Planters to Extend Your Growing Season

The Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

Gardeners love raised beds for many reasons.

Give your back a break – with elevated planting beds, you don’t have to kneel or bend over to plant, weed, prune or harvest. And, if you construct your beds to have an attached seating surface, you can even give your feed a much-needed break.

Banish weeds and pests – raised beds are more resistant to weeds than in-ground gardens and much harder for pests to access. You’ll also put your plants out of reach of your own pets, so you never have to worry about Fido trampling or eating the fruits of your labor.

Improve growing conditions – elevated planting beds don’t become as compacted as in-ground beds. Consequently, they have better air circulation in the soil and require less water. And, because a raised bed isn’t subjected to the cold soil conditions that ground-level beds are, you can keep growing fruits, vegetables and flowering plants later into the growing season.

Choosing the Best Type of Raised Bed Planters for You

If you or someone in your family is handy, you can build your own elevated planting beds out of most any type of material. Or, if you prefer not to mess with that, you can purchase pre-made beds of various sizes, materials, and designs either at your local garden center or online.

For an extended fall growing season, locate your beds in a sunny location that is protected from the wind as much as possible. You can use cold frames or cloches to place over your plants, to hold in the precious heat of the sun and extend your fall growing season even more.

Choosing Garden Soil and Amendments for Your Garden

When you choose our exclusive Garden Soil Plus for your elevated planting beds, you can rest assured that you’re getting the finest potting and planting mix available in northern Utah.

You can select our organic compost, black or brown mulch, soil conditioner and wood chips, depending on your needs and the design of your garden. Best of all, we can deliver your soil and other landscape materials directly to your door. We even offer free delivery of our bagged garden soil anywhere in Salt Lake County.

The summer gardening season is quickly coming to an end, but you don’t have to let that stop you from enjoying a bountiful fall harvest. Contact The Dirt Bag today to learn more about our products, or to schedule your delivery of garden soil, mulch, and compost for your raised bed planters.