Garden Soil Plus (BULK) ~ 1 cubic yard


Perfect for veggie or garden beds and planter boxes. Our Garden Soil Plus is simply the best premium soil available.

This is our best selling product!

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  • Our black well-aged compost based soil is full of beneficial microbes that are essential for plant growth.
  • Use it in veggie gardens, planter boxes, shrubs and lawns.
  • Start your garden off right with healthy soil.
  • Blended to meet or exceed all of the specifications for landscape standards for shrub and planting bed gardens.
  • Contains no added fertilizers or chemicals.
  • All our soil products are tested quarterly for soil composition and carefully blended with the highest quality ingredients to ensure consistency and ultimately success in your garden project.
  • Dark, rich, 100% organic mix.
  • This is our only product that contains actual soil (the others are amendments or topdressings).
  • You can plant directly into this product.
  • Contains: Custom blended with sandy loam soil, black peat, compressed steer manure, perlite fines (helps hold in moisture).