Order Landscaping Materials Now for Fall Yard Projects

It’s time to order your landscaping materials for all those fall yard projects you’ve been planning.

Now that summer’s brutal heat has gone and the kids are busy with school activities, the time is perfect to give your yard and garden a facelift. Get these projects done now – rather than hold them over until the spring – and you will be ready to go with planting as soon as the warm breezes of spring begin to blow.

Order Landscaping Materials for Fall Yard Projects

Here are three of our favorite fall projects, with a handy rundown of the landscaping materials you will need for each.

Build Raised Garden Beds

Raised bed gardening offers SO MANY advantages, as compared to standard in-ground planting beds. Whether you plan to grow fruits and vegetables, colorful flowers or both, raised beds make gardening success easy.

Build or buy your raised bed borders, then simply fill with garden soil. Depending on what you plan to grow, you can enhance the soil with compost and top with mulch to hold in moisture and prevent weeds.

You will need:

Level Your Yard to Prepare for Sod

Will you be installing sod in the spring? If so, fall is the best time to level your yard, to give your turfgrass the best possible foundation. Consider also improving your native soil, so your sod will have the nutrients and moisture it needs to grow lush and green.

Scalp any existing grass and turn the first three inches of dirt. Add in some healthy garden soil and compost. If your soil lacks drainage, you can also add a little sand to help it along.

You will need:

Give Landscape Islands a Facelift

Are your landscape islands looking a little the worse for wear after the summer? This is a great time to get them cleaned and freshened up.

Start by removing the old landscaping rock and applying pre-emergent to prevent weeds from popping through in the summer. Add a layer of fabric underlayment for extra protection. Add some steel edging around the border for a clean, professional look, then spread about three inches of fresh landscaping rock or mulch to finish.

You’ll need:

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