Planning Ahead for Your Utah Sod Delivery

Spring is an ideal time to schedule sod delivery in northern Utah. Lay your new lawn now, and you’ll have gorgeous, healthy green grass to enjoy throughout the summer and fall.

However, before you arrange for your fresh, local sod delivery from The Dirt Bag, some prep work is in order. Planning ahead is key to ensuring an easier installation and a lush, well-established lawn.

How to plan for your Utah sod delivery

Determine Your Sod Delivery Needs

How much turfgrass do you need to order? To answer that question, you’ll have to do a little math.

Measure your property, then multiply the length of the yard by the width. Take that figure and subtract any areas that don’t need grass – including walkways, gardens and, of course, the spot where your house sits. Add a good amount of surplus, though, as patching may require extra sod.

If all that math is too much, talk to the team here at The Dirt Bag – we’ll help you work out the size of your sod order.

Prepare the Lawn Area for Laying Sod

Sod is perishable, so you’ll need to install it as quickly as possible. Before the turfgrass arrives at your northern Utah property, make sure your yard is ready.

Depending upon the current conditions, your prep work may involve clearing away weeds, removing rocks from the ground and leveling the lawn surface. And, for the healthiest, lushest turfgrass, you may want to amend the soil – ask your local sod supplier about using compost, organic fertilizer and soil conditioner to help your new lawn thrive.

Set the Stage for a Smooth Sod Installation

If you don’t know how to lay turfgrass properly, find out before you schedule sod delivery. Check The Dirt Bag blog and website for information and helpful tips, and watch a few online videos – the more you know, the easier your installation will go.

Also, find a few friends to help you lay the new lawn. Installing turfgrass on your own could be a difficult task, even if your property is on the small side. Alternately, ask your sod supplier to recommend a professional turfgrass installer.

Make Arrangements for Sod Delivery

Decide on a day to install your turfgrass, then contact your local sod supplier to place your order. Hopefully, you’ve chosen The Dirt Bag – our turfgrass varieties are ideally suited to northern Utah, and we deliver within hours of harvest for optimal transplant and growth conditions.

Our high-quality turfgrass comes at a price that will make you smile. And, for any order over 10,000 square feet within Salt Lake County, we provide free sod delivery. We can also deliver topsoil, compost, shredded bark mulch, soil conditioner, playground wood chips and any other landscape materials you need.

For more information about The Dirt Bag, or to schedule sod delivery to your northern Utah property, contact our West Jordan office today.