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Can you believe it’s already time for sod delivery season in Northern Utah?

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Spring is right around the corner, and that’s the ideal time to put in that new lawn you’ve been planning all winter long.

Sod, which is mature turfgrass that has been professionally grown and cultivated, comes to you pre-cut into thick rolls that contain the underlying soil and roots. Sod can take as long as two years to mature, but it creates an instantly lush, glorious lawn for your home or business.

Prepping for Sod Delivery

Even though the turfgrass cultivars in sod are established and mature (especially when compared with their seeded counterparts), you need to spend a little time prepping the soil to ensure plant survival.

To prepare your yard, made sure the grade is appropriate for proper drainage, sloped down and away from structures. Remove rocks, weeds and debris, and take the time to aerate the soil well. Finally, balance the soil PH and add trace minerals and nitrogen to help the sod’s roots take to the soil.

Soak the soil well the day before you expect your sod delivery, but not so much that any standing water remains before installation.

Laying Your Sod

Sod is a living carpet of turfgrass, and it must be installed within three days after it’s harvested.

If you aren’t ready for installation when your sod delivery arrives, make sure to keep the rolls in the shade and mist them periodically with a light spray of the hose. The rolls should stay moist and the grass dark green and cool to the touch.

When you’re ready to install your turfgrass, lay out the strips in a staggered pattern to help them get a strong grip on the soil. Make sure to butt each piece closely to the next, making sure that the edges are touching. Otherwise, they can dry out.

Water your new sod lawn at least twice a day to keep the roots healthy and to make sure the edges of the strips don’t dry out. Don’t overwater, however, or you can do more harm than good.

What’s the Best Time to Lay a Sod Lawn?

You can install a sod lawn most times during the year, including late summer and early fall, but springtime is best for grasses that flourish in warm weather. Don’t wait too late to schedule your sod delivery, however, because installing turfgrass during the warmer months requires a lot water to keep the turf moist and encourage healthy growth.

Whatever your needs landscape needs may be, The Dirt Bag is ready to deliver all the materials you need, including garden soil, top soil, mulch, play sand and compost. We deliver to residential and commercial customers throughout the Salt Lake City area for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your spring sod delivery.