In Utah, Lawn Fertilizer Use Requires Care and Diligence

In Utah, lawn fertilizer use is a frequent necessity. Our abysmal soil offers little help for turf grasses struggling to survive during the Northern Utah summer.

Lawn Fertilizer

Unless performed correctly, however, fertilization can be harmful to local ecosystems and the overall environment. The best approach is to choose a product that is designed for local growing conditions and use it with great care.

The Perils of Lawn Fertilizer Misuse

Virtually all lawn fertilizer products contain some combination of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. Sometimes zinc or other products are added as a booster.

By themselves and in moderate quantities, none of these products are harmful to humans or to the environment. In high concentrations, however, they can carry a variety of risks.

Excess nitrogen, for example, can cause significant problems if it enters the waterways. This can occur through runoff after you water your yard, if your lawn fertilizer has a high nitrogen concentrate, but especially if you use too much. When it enters the waterways, the nitrogen can cause an overgrowth of algae, which upsets the water’s oxygen balance.

As a result, fish and other wildlife can die off.

A Healthy Lawn is an Environmentally Friendly Lawn

The best way to ensure a perpetually green lawn – and one that lives in harmony with the environment – is to keep your turf grass healthy.

A healthy, vigorous lawn discourages both weeds and pests. When your grass struggles, it opens a door for weeds to take over. When the delicate balance of your lawn is upset, it also serves as an attraction for harmful insects and other pests.

If you break out the weed killer and pest control products in an attempt to right the ship, you’re adding more harmful chemicals to the soil. It becomes a perpetuating cycle of treatment.

But, if you can use an effective lawn fertilizer to restore the health of the grass, you can put this costly – and environmentally risky – cycle to rest. By far, the most effective way to achieve this is to use a product that is designed specifically for the local soil conditions.

Use a Lawn Fertilizer Designed for Your Local Area

Every geographic location has different needs for fertilization. The composition of the Northern Utah dirt is unique to our region. The optimal mixture of chemical elements needed for growing healthy turf here is equally unique.

When you purchase commercially branded lawn fertilizer from the home center, you’re purchasing the same formulation that someone in New England or Florida would buy. This one-size-fits-all approach means that you’re applying chemicals that won’t benefit the local soil.

When you choose a lawn fertilizer product that is formulated specifically for the local soil conditions, you can use less – which saves you money. And you can rest easier knowing that your turf grass and the soil that lies beneath are getting the specific nutrients they need for optimum health and growth.

Because we care about your lawn and the environment, The Dirt Bag has designed our exclusive four-step system for fertilizing your grass. It’s not too late for the application of Step 4, which will prepare your yard for the fall and winter, and ensure that it pops back with a vengeance in the spring.

Call us today, or visit our headquarters in West Jordan, Utah, to learn more about our safe and effective Utah lawn fertilizer system.