Easy & Effective Lawn Fertilization with Our Four-Step System

Ah, springtime, when lawn fertilization brings the promise of vibrant, healthy turf that
endures well into the fall.

Lawn Fertilization Tips

We all know that it’s important to fertilize our turf and grass each year, to ensure its
ongoing health and well-being. In talking with our customers, however, we learned that
many of you are confused about which lawn fertilizer products to use, and when to
apply them.

To help eliminate the hassle and confusion, we have developed an exclusive four-step
system. Simply follow the schedule outlined below and you’ll enjoy a confusion-free
season of lawn fertilization, ensuring a beautiful yard full of grass that your neighbors
will envy.

Step One: Lawn Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent

Our Lawn Guard Fertilizer included a critical pre-emergent product that prevents weeds
and unwanted broadleaf grasses from popping up later in the year.

Lawn fertilization using a pre-emergent is your one true hope of eliminating crabgrass
and several other pesky weeds that you can’t simply kill off with a weed control spray.
Our blend has been created especially for the soil, turf and climate of Northern Utah,
and no other commercial blend will take better care of your turf.

Apply this product the first time before the middle of April.

Step Two: Fertilizer with Iron and Controlled-Release Nitrogen

Between April 15 and May 15, move on to step two of our system.

This time, you’ll be applying a lawn fertilization mix containing 3 percent iron and 25
percent controlled-release nitrogen.

This combination ensures that your turf has the exact nutrients it needs to gear up for
the heat and dry conditions of summer. Our lawn fertilizer blend will keep the color
vibrant and reduce the amount water your turf requires.

Step Three: Lawn Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent

This is the same product you applied in step one. Apply it again between June 1 and
June 15.

Step Four: Fertilizer with Iron and Controlled-Release Nitrogen

Step four ups the ante with 5 percent iron and 60 percent controlled-release nitrogen.

Apply step four between July 15 and August 30. This blend encourages healthy turf
growth throughout the fall and bulks up the nutritional value of the soil. This sets your
lawn up for overseeding, if you care to do so, and provides an extra boost of strength to
bring the color back early next year.

Supplement with Speed Zone

In addition to our exclusive four-step lawn fertilization system, The Dirt Bag also offers a
highly effective supplement for controlling and eradicating actively growing weeds.

Our special Speed Zone product is one of the most effective ways to handle those
pesky weeds that pop up, no matter what you do.

A healthy lawn offers the best protection against weeds and pests, and encourages the
development of a healthy eco-balance. This year, give your turf a fighting chance with
our four-step lawn fertilization system.

The Dirt Bag, conveniently located in West Jordan, Utah, offers delivery and pickup of
mulch, compost, rock, fill dirt and garden soil. Stop by today and pick up your products
for spring, summer and fall lawn fertilization.