Consider Water Wise Sod

Consider Water Wise Sod

This summer we’re likely to see major water restrictions for yard usage. Utah is in a “megadrought,” and some experts predict many areas of the Wasatch Front will be restricted to one lawn watering per week. It’s also possible that water districts may turn water on a little later this spring and turn it off a few weeks earlier in the fall. A Salt Lake Tribune article from March states: “The Bear, Weber, Provo-Jordan and Tooele Valley basins are looking especially bare, with snowpacks below 80% of normal according to the latest Water Supply Outlook Report by the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Statewide, snow-water equivalent is at 82% of normal and February brought only 34% of its usual precipitation.” However, our precipitation is close to average for this time of year thanks to early-season storms in October and December. This may sound good, but according to the NRCS, Utah “will need an additional 13 inches beyond the historical water year averages to eke itself out of years of accumulated shortages.”

Many water districts and companies are offering money to rip out lawn from park strips to try and combat our drought. But, if you consider a Utah-native, water-wise sod, you don’t have to. Big box stores typically sell sod that is better for climates that receive more regular moisture. Not only will this take more water to maintain, but it also means more fertilization and more chances for pests and diseases. When you opt for grass that is grown in Utah just for Utah, you can be confident it will thrive in our climate without the need for a lot of additives and assistance to keep it healthy.

Utah’s unpredictable weather is tough on non-native grasses. The Dirt Bag’s specific blend of Kentucky Bluegrass varieties made just for Utah will not have the same problems that other grasses have here. Our sod is dense and resilient and provides a beautiful, immediate lawn to complete your yard project quickly. It stands up to high traffic and pests and diseases that are common in other lawns throughout the state. When you choose a sod that is engineering to not only survive but thrive on minimal amounts of water, you can enjoy that lush, soft grass all summer without stressing about the amount of water you need to keep it healthy.

With Utah’s reservoir storage at about 53% capacity, which is down about 14% from last year at this time, we’ll all need to make some extreme changes to our watering habits. Some stream flows are at 20% of normal, and the NRCS predicts a poor runoff season due to low snowpack.

If you’re putting in a lawn or want to make a change to your current non-native lawn, contact The Dirt Bag to get our Utah-native sod delivered to your door. Also visit us for quality soil products, play sand, mulch, compost, and fertilizer to make sure your yard looks beautiful all year long. If we all do our part to conserve water, we can keep our lawns lush and green even during a drought.