7 Advantages of Using Soil Conditioner in Utah Gardens

Soil conditioner provides the optimal environment for growing vibrant and healthy Utah gardens.

This soil amendment is made from expanded shale, or shale ore that has gone through a super-heating process in order to mimic the structural character and performance of pumice – a natural, but more expensive product. If you want healthier plant establishment and long-lasting results, soil conditioner could be your ideal solution. Read on to find out why.

Soil Conditioner Utah Garden

No. 1: Breaks Down Heavy Clay Soils

In Utah, garden soil is often dense, comprised of heavy clay that is problematic for plant growth. Expanded shale conditioner breaks up heavy clays, enabling plants to get the air and water they need.

No. 2: Increases Water Retention

When drought conditions affect northern Utah, garden plants grown in soil amended with expanded shale conditioner continue to thrive without much additional water. The amendment helps hold moisture, reducing watering requirements.

No. 3: Improves Water Drainage

At the same time, the porous nature of soil conditioner encourages proper drainage. The heavy clay soils common in Utah gardens are susceptible to waterlogging, and without the right amendment, the issue can adversely affect plant growth.

No. 4: Promotes Proper Aeration

Garden plant roots need adequate oxygen for healthy growth. An expanded shale soil conditioner, used in the right amount, has just the right porosity to improve aeration and develop suitable soil density.

No. 5: Retains Vital Nutrients

Thanks to the structure of expanded shale, gardens amended with conditioner are able to hold onto more important nutrients. After applying soil conditioner, fertilizer feedings can be easily regulated and, in some cases, minimized.

No. 6: Maintains Proper Soil Structure

With expanded shale conditioner, Utah gardens are much less likely to become compacted after watering. Apply just a few inches over the surface, till the ground, and the soil structure will stay at its best all season.

No. 7: Enhances Compost Quality

Expanded shale conditioner also makes for a smart addition to compost. The material provides a buffer for the decomposing matter, and, once worked into the garden, the amendment helps provide optimal long-term structure.

Is soil conditioner the right amendment for your Utah garden? With all the advantages it provides, the product – available in bulk or bags here at The Dirt Bag — is a favorite among local landscapers and gardeners. Incorporating it into your gardens is quite simple, and a single application offers a long-lasting boost of your soil’s quality and performance.

The Dirt Bag team can give you expert advice on the best soil amendments and landscape materials to meet your gardening needs. For more information on our expanded shale soil conditioner, or to schedule delivery to your northern Utah home, contact our West Jordan office today.