4 Landscape Materials You Need for Spring Gardening

Spring is right around the corner – which means now’s the time to make sure you have all of the landscape materials you need to revitalize your yard and garden after the long, cold winter.

But what if you’re not sure what products to purchase? The right answer depends on your particular gardening plans. But, for most Utah gardeners, the following four landscape materials are must-haves in the spring.

Choosing landscape materials for your Utah gardening

Garden Soil

Enriched garden soil is the growing medium you need to establish healthy plants. Unlike topsoil, which is a general purpose landscape material typically used as a filler, garden soil contains essential nutrients that boost plant growth.

Gardeners rely on enriched soil for container gardens, raised bed planters and in-ground plantings. Whether your spring gardening plans include vegetables, herbs, flowers, shrubs or landscaping trees, high-quality garden soil will help get your plants off to a great start.

Soil Conditioner

If you want the optimal growing environment for all of your plants, adding soil conditioner is the ideal solution.

Made from expanded shale, this amendment helps break down heavy clay soils – common here in Utah – which helps plants get the air and water they require for robust, healthy growth. Soil conditioner also retains nutrients and prevents compaction after watering. A single application, and you’ll see a long-lasting improvement in your soil quality and plant performance.

Organic Mulch

Applying organic shredded or bark mulch enhances the beauty of your garden beds, but curb appeal isn’t the only reason this landscape material is a must.

Organic mulch helps stop weed growth, maintains garden bed temperature and enriches the soil as it decomposes. Mulching also improves soil moisture retention, which reduces the need for watering. With all of these advantages, organic mulch is just as important for spring gardening as high-quality garden soil and soil conditioner.

Landscaping Rock

For cacti, succulents and some drought-tolerant plants, landscaping rock can be a better choice than organic mulch. Also called cobble or gravel, landscaping rock promotes healthy drainage rather than retaining moisture, so it’s ideal for plants with low water needs.

Landscaping rock offers several other benefits, too – the color never fades, the material almost never needs replaced and even heavy winds won’t blow it away. Gravel also makes it easy to remove debris and rake away fallen leaves from your garden beds.

If you’re itching to get started with spring gardening and ready to stock up on the essential landscape materials, The Dirt Bag has you covered.

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