4 Landscaping Rock Projects to Improve Your Life

Adding landscaping rock to your yard is a great way to reduce the amount of work – and water – it needs.

landscaping rock

Many homeowners hesitate to add landscaping rock to their yards because they fear having too much of a desert look or feel. But you can use these tips and tricks to keep the lush, green look you love while cutting down on the amount of maintenance and watering you need.

No. 1: Use Landscaping Rock to Create Border Areas

Create borders using landscape rock and water-wise decorative plants for a cleaner look that requires little water or maintenance.

Some ideal locations for borders include around the pool, between the pool deck and security fencing. Create a border around the perimeter of the yard, just inside your fencing. This helps preserve the foundation of your fencing and prevents having to mow or edge around the fence.

Finally, create borders around the perimeter of your home. This creates a clean, professional look but – more important – reduces the amount of water that can access your foundation and potentially cause settlement problems.

No. 2: Create Garden Paths with Landscaping Rock

Adding garden paths is a great way to create zones or areas in your yard, and to give your landscape a more aesthetic look and feel.

You can use rock or gravel for the path itself or, if you prefer to use poured concrete or pavers for your path, use rock to create a buffer zone around the pavers. This reduces the need for edging along the path or sidewalk and, because you won’t need to water these areas, you will prevent settlement of your concrete walkways.

No. 3: Add Landscape Rock Islands around Trees and Shrubs

Replace turfgrass with round or kidney-shaped landscape rock islands around existing trees and shrubs in your yard. Removing even a small amount of turf will make a big difference in your water use and maintenance needs, without changing the lush feel of your landscaping.

Edge your rock islands with stacked stone or bricks for a more finished look, and to tie these elements into your home’s architectural style.

No. 4: Create a Dry Stream for Drainage

Use cobble or river rock to create a dry stream under downspouts or wherever drainage naturally occurs in your landscaping. This provides a visually interesting feature that also serves an important purpose. By directing drainage in this way, you can protect your foundation for settlement while reducing harmful runoff.

And, by keeping your draining onsite, you can use it for watering other areas of your yard, saving even more water.

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