Why a Mulch Delivery Now Ensures a Healthy Garden Later

Today’s mulch delivery almost guarantees that your garden will thank you later.

Mulch Delivery

Mulch is important for enhancing the health and appearance of your landscape and garden this season, but you will enjoy its benefits long after this year has passed.

Why Is Mulch So Darned Important?

Two words: Utah soils.

In Northern Utah and all along the Wasatch front, we are blessed with a near-perfect environment. From the wildlife to our dramatic geographic features, we are surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Unfortunately, our native soils didn’t get the memo.

Our climate is ideal for growing a wide variety of plants and flowers, allowing us to create beautiful landscape designs and vibrant gardens. As long as we take steps to augment our nutritionally deprived soil, that is.

No, mulch does not amend or improve your soil this year (that’s what Organic Mountain Compost and Garden Prep Soil Conditioner are for!). But it does plenty of other good things that make ordering your mulch delivery from The Dirt Bag a really good idea.

The Myriad Benefits of Using Mulch In Your Yard and Garden

When you spread mulch properly in your landscaping and garden, you will realize a number of benefits.

First, it helps retain precious water. This reduces the amount of water you must use to maintain plant health and helps soils stay moist. It also prevents weeds from springing up or taking hold. It also regulates the temperature of the soil and plant roots. This means it cools during the heat of the summer and provides insulation when temperatures turn cold.

A mulch delivery from The Dirt Bag also means your landscape and garden will look great, with that “finished” look that only mulch can provide. Finally, the organic nature of our proprietary blend means it will break down over the course of the season and enhance the naturally poor quality of the soil.

Mulch Delivery Saves Time, Energy and Money

If your garden consists of one tiny flower bed, you can swing by the local nursery or hardware store and grab a bag of mulch without much problem. However, if you have invested in a variety of shrubbery, trees and flowering plants, you obviously need much, much more than is practical for you to haul.

In fact, we recommend that you spread mulch everywhere you have plants, shrubs or trees, in a thickness of three to four inches.

You can select from our shredded bark mulch, dark brown mulch or fine brown mulch delivery options. If you don’t know how much you need, never fear! At the top right corner of each product page, simply click on the “How Much Do I Need” button.

Then, simply contact one of our helpful staff members to place your order. Before you know it, one of our prompt, courteous drivers will arrive with your mulch delivery, packed into handy and reusable 1 cu. ft. bags.

All you have to do is spread it around and wait for the magic to happen!

The Dirt Bag, based in West Jordan, Utah, provides a full range of garden soil, topsoil, landscape rock, play sand and more. We deliver many of our products bagged to your door and all are available for bulk deliver or pickup, and delivery is available throughout Northern Utah.

Contact us today to schedule your Utah mulch delivery!