Use Sod and Fertilizer to Repair Your Damaged Lawn

With a little sod and fertilizer, you can repair your damaged lawn quickly and easily.

As we move into the latter part of the summer, your turfgrass may be looking a little the worse for wear right now. A summer of kids and pets romping on the lawn, not enough rain and some brutal summer heat combine to wreak havoc on your grass.

Sod and Fertilizer to Repair Your Damaged Lawn

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with it like that the rest of the summer – now when you have The Dirt Bag to help you fix it.

Prep and Lay Sod Patches

Start by preparing the dead and dying spots in the grass. Scalp down a square or rectangular patch that extends a few inches beyond the dead spot. Don’t try to patch anything much smaller than 12 x 12, preferably larger.

Loosen the top inch or so of dirt and add a layer of organic compost. Water the patch down thoroughly and lightly tamp down the dirt to ensure that it’s level. Carefully cut the sod to fit using a sharp knife. Gentle ease the patch in and make sure it’s making full contact with the soil below.

Water your patches regularly and go easy on them for a week or two, to allow them to set in properly.

Add Fertilizer

This is the right time of year to fertilize with 5 percent iron and 60 percent controlled-release nitrogen, which is step 4 in our 4-step fertilization program.

This formulation will help encourage healthy growth of all your turfgrass through the rest of the year while also boosting the soil nutrients. That way, if you do decide to overseed, you can expect to see early, healthy growth in the spring.

Zap the Weeds

This is also the perfect time to get rid of any weeds that have sprung up during the summer. Our exclusive Speed Zone product is highly effective for ridding your lawn of weeds.

In garden and planting areas, consider adding a weed barrier fabric. For many of our customers, this approach is preferable to the alternatives of pulling or using potentially dangerous chemicals. You can also add a layer of organic mulch around your plants, trees and shrubs, to help them with through the balance of the summer heat.

In Northern Utah, The Dirt Bag delivers all your favorite landscape materials, including sod, to the location of your choosing. We offer bulk landscape materials or, for our most popular products, we can deliver them right to your door in the 1-cubic-yard bags that put us on the map. These sturdy, reusable bags make easy work of all your landscape and gardening project.

Contact The Dirt Bag today to place your order for sod, fertilizer, mulch and anything else you need to bring your lawn back to its green, healthy best.