Use Landscaping Rock for a Water-Wise Xeriscape Project

Landscaping rock and decorative gravel provide the perfect backdrop for installing a water-saving xeriscape at your home or business.

Landscaping Rock

Xeriscaping has become a popular substitute for traditional landscape designs because it provides a host of benefits for the environment as well as your budget. Here in Northern Utah, this beautiful style of planting fits perfectly with our native terrain.

What is Xeriscaping?

Also known as “zero-scaping,” xeriscaping is a unique approach to landscape design and gardening that uses little or no added water.

As water becomes more of a commodity in the Intermountain West and throughout the United States, restrictions on its use – personally or governmentally mandated – will continue to increase. Xeriscape designs allow you to design and enjoy beautiful landscaping and healthy gardens without the excessive water requirements that traditional designs need.

The key to xeriscaping is the use of native plant species, because they are equipped to survive in our climate conditions without much (or any) extra help. Rather than using turf as the backdrop to the design, most xeriscapers use landscaping rock instead.

Designing Your Environmentally Friendly Xeriscape

Layout your design much like you would any landscaping project. When it comes time to select your plant species, however, this is where the story line changes.

Northern Utah’s USDA designated growing region ranges between four and eight. However, most portions of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area fall into the plant hardiness region designation of five. This designation is the standard used to identify which plants will thrive in any given area, based on average temperature and rainfall.

When you choose your plants, choose those that are designated for our region, and that can be found growing naturally in the Northern Utah area.

Once you have identified your plant layout, it’s time to decorate your creation with eco-friendly landscaping rock.

Choosing the Perfect Landscaping Rock to Complete Your Project

Landscaping rock and gravel help maintain moisture in the soil while discouraging weeds and pests. Landscape gravel serves many of the same purposes as mulch, but you never have to replace it.

Using a variety of colors and sizes of gravel and rock, you can create a dramatic layered or sculpted look. Or, if a full xeriscape isn’t for you, you can still benefit the environment – and your wallet – by removing a portion of your lawn and replacing it with a water-wise project using landscaping rock and drought-tolerant plants.

The Dirt Bag carries a wide assortment of the most popular landscape rock and crushed gravel sizes and colors. Several of our products are available for delivery throughout the Salt Lake City area in convenient one-cubic-foot bags. We have a much larger selection that is available for bulk delivery or pickup.

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