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Your Yard Rocks!

Landscape rock delivery in Salt Lake City

You don’t want a “rocky” summer, but you may want a “rocky” yard! Opting for landscape rocks is a great choice when designing or updating your property whether you want to simply conserve water, create pathways, or make a décor statement with beautiful, colorful boulders. Rocks can look stunning on their own account, but contrasting rocks with softer features like smooth, green grass and beautiful plants and shrubs is very eye catching, adding to your home’s curb appeal. Everyone recognizes a purposeful yard with clear, caring attention to the details.

Xeriscaping has become very popular in Utah, and our diverse rock options can create an appealing yard that stands out above the rest. The idea of xeriscaping can sound harsh and “cold” looking, and many people think it’s all just a boring, solid carpet of rocks. With the right vision and materials, this is far from the truth. Xeriscaping can be beautiful, serene, and inviting. Pair our delivered-to-your-door rocks with lovely, Utah-native plants that don’t require added water to create a fantastic, environmentally friendly setting. This look is gorgeous whether you have a large, full-acre yard or a small square in a townhome community. Ornamental grasses are popular options to add in xeriscaping plans and are beneficial to helpful insects and wildlife. Amending your soil before planting perennials is important, so be sure to ask one of our specialists for advice.

Rock and Roll or Zen Master?

For many, summer is the time for BBQs and pool parties. We only have a few months to really enjoy entertaining outside, so make the most of it by creating a great space for gatherings. Using rocks around a patio or pool area is not just functional, but also fun and attractive. Creating ponds or water features with rocks creates an added element of style to your home.

Are you more into Zen than rock and roll? Create your own Zen garden with rocks, or ishi in Japanese, for all the calm and peacefulness you crave. Rocks may symbolize strength and power, which is why they’re often used in Zen gardens. And don’t forget the large stone at the entry as a sign of welcome. If you have ample space, a small bridge can be created out of flat stones to symbolize the journey from whatever your “here” is to whatever your “there” may be. Want a little bit of both worlds? That’s absolutely doable by dividing up your space to whatever suits your needs. Our experts love new projects and ideas and are always at the ready with tips and advice.

The space you want is waiting for you and The Dirt Bag can help you create it. Creating the right focal points in your yard takes some time and vision, but with the right advice, materials, and work, you can get what you’re looking for. Visit us today for all your landscaping essentials from organic high-quality soil to unique, eye-catching cobblestone.

Why Rocks are a Must-Have Landscape Design

Landscaping Rocks from The Dirt Bag West Jordan, UT

It’s rare that such a stunning landscape material is both completely natural and—relatively speaking—affordable. Rocks as a landscaping design are far from a short-lived trend, and they fit with any style of home, existing landscape design, or region. For those who prefer their yards to look a little more natural and serve as an oasis right outside the front door, nothing compares to rocks and stones. They complement any plant, flower, tree or garden, and they provide interesting but subtle color and texture. Better Homes and Gardens recently sat down with Barbara Pleasant, author of Garden Stone, to learn more about why we just can’t get enough of “rocking” our landscape.

The first thing Pleasant wants homeowners to know is that rocks and stones are two different things. Stones have been exposed to natural weather or water for a very long time, so they are smooth. Rocks are freshly broken off from a big mass well below ground, usually from a quarry. Both can be great additions to your yard, but if you’re shopping around, it’s important to know the difference.

Rock On with Your Landscape

Stones are usually rounded and might have a number of crevices, so they do very well in shady and moist sites where moss will find them. They can also be used (along with rocks) to create a retaining wall. Pleasant says that a lot of DIY gardeners start landscaping with stones and rocks simply by finding ones they like and adding them as an accent piece in a garden bed or container. You might build your own stacked-stone wall and don’t even need concrete or any other “glue” if it’s less than 18 inches tall. These walls are great options to create planting beds because they allow for drainage and the rocks themselves look fantastic alongside plants.

Sometimes stones are turned into more functional items, such as pavers to create a pathway. However, if this is your goal, the site needs to be well prepared (usually professionally). You also might want to use stones to showcase a water feature, which makes the already beautiful centerpiece of any yard even more dramatic. Depending on what you have in mind, this might be a DIY project.

Unleash the Possibilities of Landscaping Rocks

Pleasant stresses that when it comes to rocks and stones for landscaping, the possibilities are limitless. There has been a trend in recent years to seek out stones from old buildings or fences, but you can also purchase stones that have that stressed look already. The Dirt Bag offers a rich variety of stone and rock types so you’re sure to find the perfect aesthetic.

Finally, Pleasant wants homeowners to know that you don’t need a large space to enjoy stone and rock landscaping. You can complement succulents with smaller stones or use what’s called specimen stones to help reflect light. Stones and rocks of all sizes and shapes can help to unify your yard, serving as both an aesthetic and practical purpose. Discover more about rocks and stones for landscaping today at The Dirt Bag.

Gardening is Off to a “Rocky” Start

Landscaping Rocks West Jordan, Utah

Landscaping rocks can beautify your garden while helping to keep maintenance (and weeds) to a minimum. The Dirt Bag offers a wide variety of landscaping rocks in various colors and sizes along with free delivery. Humans have used rocks as decoration since the beginning of time, with cavemen creating pictures in them and our ancient ancestors crafting monuments like Stonehenge out of them. Stones and rocks provide endless landscaping possibilities—here are a few ideas to help get you started.

The first step is choosing the right landscaping rocks, and it’s always best to work with an expert on this. Ask yourself what you want your garden to feel like, and this will help with your decision. Do you want a warm, cozy retreat? River rocks and beach pebbles might be best for you. If you’re going for a tropical vibe, terracotta stones are a good fit. A modern look works well with Oquirrh Gravel. As you can see, there are a lot of choices!

Landscape Design Choices

One of the most popular design choices in Utah is to create a rock path that winds through your garden. This looks great if you have a lot of greenery, shrubs, or bushes. A rock sidewalk provides contrast, and you have many choices in stone from pavers to bluestone. Contrasting rocks are another great aesthetic choice, and pairing two different rocks side by side provides an interesting feature. The more different the better, so consider size, color, texture, and shape.

Of course, a water garden featuring landscaping rocks is also a popular pick. Anything from a pond to a water garden or using rocks to frame a fountain can really make your garden pop. Water is also a naturally soothing, healing element which will make your garden a favorite home retreat. You can even help out local critters by creating a water feature that’s bird and/or bee friendly.

Garden Bed Stones & Rocks

A leveled garden bed is a gorgeous addition to any yard. You can use landscaping rocks for both a design and functional purpose. The options are endless from the shape of the bed to the stones used. Why settle for a boring cedar bed when you could have a wonderland in your backyard? Other gardeners prefer to pay homage to specific location aesthetics, such as creating an Asian design that abides by feng shui or offers a zen garden. Particularly in these trying times, creating a stress-relieving garden is in high demand, and landscaping rocks can help you achieve any style or type of landscape you wish.

From tropical gardens to summer outdoor patios using landscaping rocks, there are countless ideas and options available. It can be overwhelming if you’re just starting to think about using rocks for landscaping, and experts are available to help. The Dirt Bag specializes in landscaping rocks to fit any vision or budget. Contact us today to discuss what you have in mind and to take the first step towards a gorgeous, easily maintained garden.