Is Sod Bad for the Environment?

In Utah, sod is one of the most popular ways to start a healthy, lush lawn for homes and businesses.

Today, however, as concern for the environment grows and consumers strive to be more green, you may have heard some of the more common myths about sod – specifically how it may be harmful to the environment.

utah sod environment

Let’s take a look at some of these myths and the research that debunks them.

Common Utah Sod Myths

If you listen to the misguided hype, you may have heard some of the usual protests.

Common myths include the belief that sod is more expensive than other alternatives, that it requires more chemicals (fertilizer, pest and weed control) than “regular” turfgrass and that it requires too much water.

We also hear concerns about the environmental impact of turf farms. Another common myth is that farming turfgrass harms the environment by stripping the soil of nutrients and overusing water and harmful chemicals.

Although we can’t speak for every turf farm out there, our sod is grown in with the environment in mind. Growing techniques focus on cultivating healthy grass using minimal water and natural soil amendments. Soil science and stewardship of the land ensures that more is always given to the land than was taken by the growing and harvesting process.

Sod Provides Many Proven Environmental Benefits

Research from Turfgrass Producers International, the Lawn Institute and crop scientists around the world have demonstrated dozens of environmental benefits offered by sod.

Turfgrass reduces air pollutants – including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and particulates – through filtration. In turn, turfgrass produces oxygen. In fact, a 2500 square foot plot of turfgrass produces about the same amount of oxygen used by a family of four.

Sod prevents soil erosion and runoff that can pollute the water supply. It holds moisture in place and reduces ambient air temperature, offsetting the urban heat island effect common to inner city areas. This reduces your need for air conditioning during the warmest times of the year.

How You Benefit from Choosing Locally Grown Utah Sod

Here at The Dirt Bag, we sell only native Utah sod. It’s grown and harvested locally, using a custom seed mixture that is designed to thrive in our climate. When you use our sod for your lawn, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, lush turf that resists pests, weeds and disease. It requires much less water than other types of turf. It is heat-tolerant and requires little or no fertilization.

Finally, our Utah sod is designed to be slow-growing. This reduces the frequency of required mowing and maintenance, helping the environment even more. And, at just .29 per square foot, you can afford to sod even the largest of lots.

The Dirt Bag provides top-quality landscaping materials, including compost, soil, mulch and play sand, to customers throughout northern Utah. And, of course, we will deliver our exceptional quality Utah native sod directly to your home – with a minimum order, of course!