Get the (Garden) Party Started

Get the (Garden) Party Started

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, we’re not talking about the Christmas holiday. Spring for us is the most exciting season because it means rebirth, regrowth, and new beginnings. Everything comes to life, and colors pop all around us. Get the party started off right with high quality products for your yard to make sure everything looks and grows its best all spring and summer long.

Soil and Compost

Our Garden Soil Plus product is a well-aged, compost-based soil that is full essential microbes for plant health. It’s perfect for vegetable gardens, planter boxes, and shrubs. This mix will start your garden off right and contains no added chemicals or fertilizers. Our Organic Mountain Compost is new and improved this year. It’s a high-quality, nutrient-rich compost that is amazing for topdressing plant beds. For soil amendments, mix one inch into every four inches of soil. This will help break down heavy soils and allow for roots to dig deep to access water and nutrients. For fill areas and laying sod, our basic topsoil is screed for large debris and is ready to go. Quality topsoil is the mark of a healthy lawn. Combine our topsoil with our sod for and you’ll have a swoon-worthy lawn in no time.

Landscaping Rocks

With a dry year ahead of us, consider using landscaping rocks throughout your yard to minimize watering needs. Landscape rocks can transform the design of a yard and is a beautiful way to add visual appeal. From full xeriscaping projects to walking pathways, we offer numerous rock options for every style preference and project. If you’re unsure how to use rocks as a design feature, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional staff with your questions. We love to help people with their landscaping visions.

Mulch and Bark

Mulch is a must do for many reasons. We offer a lovely dark brown mulch, bulk shredded bark, and playground wood chips. We consider mulch a personal helper in your garden. It aids in the retention of moisture (which is especially needed in Utah right now), repels pests such as gnats and ticks (especially if you opt for cedar or pine mulch), preserves soil nutrients, protects plant roots from extreme weather and erosion issues, and discourages weed growth. Mulch is a little miracle worker and can be used in a variety of ways. We offer a variety of colored wood mulch that contains environmentally friendly dye coloring. Our products look good for up to four years, bringing a well-groomed and maintained to your yard. For convenience, we offer delivery for many projects, and you can return our reusable bags for $5 refunds when they’re returned in good condition.

Start checking off your spring to-do list with a stop at The Dirt Bag to discover the many ways we can help you get your garden and yard projects completed beautifully. Keep your garden, flower beds, and lawn healthy and strong with our quality products. Happy spring!