Top 5 Reasons to Use Landscaping Rocks for Garden Edging

Many different materials can be used for garden edging. But given the choice, many northern Utah homeowners go for landscaping rocks over bricks, low hedges and plastic, wood or metal strips.

Why is this? Actually, gravel or cobble is ideal for several reasons. Here, the professional team at The Dirt Bag shares a few of the many benefits of using landscaping rocks for garden edging.
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No. 1: Create Clean Borders

With a raised border of landscaping rocks, your garden beds will have clear, defined edges. Gravel or cobble cleanly separates the planting spaces from the rest of the yard, while also adding depth and texture to the landscape. The rocks stand out, and their color complements the nearby flowers and foliage.

No. 2: Provide Good Drainage

Landscaping rocks allow rain and melting snow to drain away easily, preventing planting beds from becoming waterlogged. And if you’re one of the many northern Utah homeowners with low-lying yards, garden beds on slopes and properties prone to flooding during or after heavy storms, having garden edging that provides good drainage is essential.

No. 3: Control Garden Growth

The right garden edging prevents plant roots from growing outside of their designated areas and keeps the soil and mulch from washing out of the beds. Landscaping gravel or cobble creates well-defined, strong borders that remain in place. Use rocks for edging, and everything in your gardens will stay where it belongs.

No. 4: Prevent Weed Infiltration

Everyone wants a yard and gardens that are easy to maintain, and with landscaping gravel or cobble as your edging, you won’t have to spend as much time weeding. Just as rocks keeps your outdoor plants, soil and mulch contained, they also stop weeds from growing into your planting beds.

No. 5: Increase Curb Appeal

Garden edging makes your yard look cleaner, and landscaping rocks boost the effect. Raised gravel or cobble borders provide a well-maintained, manicured appearance to the landscape, and rocks also offer a great contrast against the softer textures of flowers and foliage. The end result is a lawn and gardens that offer an impressive visual impact.

Have we convinced you to consider landscaping rocks for garden edging on your northern Utah property? For high-quality gravel and cobble at an affordable price, turn to The Dirt Bag.

We offer a range of rock sizes that work well as garden edging, and you can purchase any by the bag or in bulk. And at The Dirt Bag, delivery of our bagged landscaping materials in Salt Lake County is free of charge. For bulk orders and deliveries outside of the county, our fees are nominal.

For more information about the products we offer at The Dirt Bag, or to place an order for landscaping rocks, contact our West Jordan, Utah, office today.