Avoid Fruit Flies in Your Compost

Avoid Fruit Flies in Compost

The season of fruit flies and gnats is behind us, but if you really struggled with an infestation in the autumn you might already be looking ahead to avoiding them in 2021. Composting your own kitchen scraps can be a great way to reduce waste and costs associated with actually buying compost. But is it worth it? It might not be if a fruit fly infestation tops your list of frustrations.

There are certainly steps you can take to reduce fruit flies. For starters, reduce your waste volume. Limit the food scraps in your kitchen caddy to just one or two days. The fewer days you have, the fewer flies you’ll have. You can also freeze your scraps if you have the space. Composting in the freezer is possible, though it of course drastically slows down the actual decomposition. On the other hand, colder temperatures naturally kill fruit fly eggs.

Clean Your Compost

Layering your compost can also help. You can put a used paper towel or a brown paper bag in between your compost layers. This helps to soak up moisture while also minimizing stink. Food tends to rot slower, though, when there is no liquid. One of the best ways to minimize fruit flies is to simply ditch the kitchen composting and take your scraps immediately outside. You can wrap food up in newspapers or paper towels, or simply dump them in your compost waste bin. Compostable bags can help to keep those bins clean—and sealed.

Make sure you rinse and clean bins regularly with warm water and soap in between collections. Ultimately, a lot of people realize that dealing with infestations and waiting months for composting to happen isn’t worth it. Plus, you will probably have to do some work with your composting to make it useable for your garden. It’s unlikely that your kitchen compost will be perfect without any additions or modifications. Purchasing compost that is rendered ideal for your gardening needs ends up being easier, faster, and a lot less frustrating for many gardeners.

Tips for Fly Control

Even if you’re not composting in the kitchen, you can still struggle with fruit flies. Fortunately, there are some very quick ways to keep them under control that will probably require no purchases. Simply fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Cover the bowl with saran wrap and poke a few holes in it with a fork. This combination will draw the fruit flies into it and help decrease the number of flies in your home.

Of course, if you do want to compost your scraps, we’re here to help! We have everything you need to render at-home composting to make it a fantastic addition to your garden. We’re committed to staying green in all kinds of ways, and that includes reducing waste and reusing it. Call The Dirt Bag for tips on composting or to get help choosing ready-to-go compost for your garden.