5 Garden Soil Tricks to Improve Your Flowers & Plants this Summer

Is your garden soil dark, rich and robust, or is it sad and anemic-looking?

In northern Utah, we’re notoriously plagued with poor-quality native soils. What makes our soil so abysmal? Typically, it’s a lack of organic matter. In fact, some estimates indicate that native northern Utah soil contains less than one percent organic matter.

Garden Soil Tricks to Improve Your Flowers & Plants

Organic matter is the secret sauce that allows your soil to retain moisture and resist compaction. If you want to improve the health and beauty of your flowers and plants this year, it’s time to get busy improving the dirt in your planting beds.

No. 1: Get a Soil Test

It’s hard to improve the quality of your garden soil if you don’t know what it’s lacking.

You can purchase soil test kits at local nurseries and garden centers. Or find your local university extension – Utah State University, for example – and follow their instructions for mailing or bringing in a sample. The test results will tell you the elements your garden soil is lacking, so you can give it the proper amendments to make your plants thrive.

No. 2: Start a Compost Pile

Adding nutrients and other amendments to your dirt will help improve the quality of your soil. For an easy DIY amendment, start your own compost pile. You can find dozens of helpful sites online that provide step-by-step instructions.

You’ll not only improve the health of your plants but you’ll also reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill.

No. 3: Send in the Worms

Add worms to your planting beds to help improve your garden soil. These amazing little helpers turn the dirt, allowing air and moisture to penetrate far below the surface. And, as a bonus, their castings make a powerful amendment that improves the quality of the dirt.

No. 4: Go Easy with the Water

If your dirt never has the chance to dry out completely, it can encourage the growth of unwanted – and sometimes harmful – bacteria and fungus. It can also cause your plants’ roots to develop rot, killing your plants.

If you’re worried about not having enough moisture in the soil, add a three-inch layer of mulch around plants. This will help the soil retain moisture, minimize the sun’s negative effects on your plants, and allow you to water less often.

No. 5: Buy Great Garden Soil

If you’re not keen on spending the time, money and effort it takes to enrich your own dirt, find the best commercially available garden soil and place your order.

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