Top Dressing Uses in Your Utah Garden & Landscape

Are you using top dressing in your landscaping and garden?

No-Till Gardening

You can top dress your lawn to help it thrive through even the hottest, driest months. In your planting and landscape beds, adding a layer of mulch or rock will help the soil retain moisture and provide a variety other benefits for your plants.

At The Dirt Bag, we have both bagged and bulk landscape products for all your outdoor projects, including top dressing.

Top Dressing Your Sod Lawn

If you aren’t putting sod in this year, now is the prime time for top dressing your existing lawn. Adding a layer or organic material to your lawn helps reduce thatch, reduces stress and makes your turn less susceptible to pests and weeds. Adding a layer of organic material will help your lawn hold in moisture and nutrients more effectively, so you’ll water and fertilize less. This is also the perfect way to level your lawn – just add a little extra to the low spots.

Although you could top dress with garden soil or topsoil, we encourage you to add our Organic Mountain Compost. This custom blend contains steer manure, black peat, forest humus, alfalfa and more. Use this amazing product as top dressing for your lawn and your yard will be the envy of all your neighbors this year.

Xeriscape & Succulent Garden Top Dressing

As we all become more committed to reducing water use, xeriscapes and succulent gardens are becoming popular throughout northern Utah. Not only does xeriscaping drastically reduce water use but it also helps reduce storm runoff and prevents erosion.

Many Utah homeowners and businesses have replaced some or all of their water-guzzling turfgrass with succulent gardens and xeriscapes – composed of drought-resistant plants that require minimal maintenance.

Natural-colored rock, gravel and cobble make the ideal top dressing for xeriscapes and succulents. Oquirrh gravel is perfect for smaller plants. For larger desert plants, Weber cobble creates an ideal top dressing.

Top Dressing for Garden & Flower Beds

For your fruits, vegetables and flowers, use black or dark brown mulch.

Using mulch as a top dressing for your garden and annual and perineal flowers is the perfect way to discourage weed growth and retain precious moisture. Mulch also helps keep garden soil from heating up during the warm months. This helps cut water use and keep your plants healthier and happier.

Finally, a three to four-inch layer of mulch gives your planting beds a luxurious, finished look that you’ll love.

You can order any of our mulch products either in bulk or convenient one cubic yard bags, delivered directly to your door.

The Dirt Bag delivers our bagged products for free anywhere in Salt Lake County. We also deliver bulk landscape products and native Utah Sod for a nominal fee. You won’t beat the affordability of our products and you’ll never have to worry about hefting, loading and unloading bags of soil in your car again. Visit us online or call today to order your top dressing, compost, garden soil, gravel and more.