Spring is in Full Swing, but it’s Not Too Late to Plant!

Garden Soil Plus for Spring Planting from The Dirt Bag
Garden Soil Plus for Spring Flower & Garden Beds

Springtime in Utah is tricky, with drastic temperature changes sometimes every other day! It’s hard to know when it’s safe to plant your garden, but the rule of thumb for Northern Utah is everything should be good if planted after Mother’s Day. Although that was a couple of weeks ago, you’re not too late to get that garden started. If your seedlings are still growing in your window, it’s time to get them outside.

Prep Your Flower & Garden Beds

Spring cleaning is on everyone’s list this time of year. Sometimes it’s hard to make the outside of your home as big of a priority as the inside. But you’ll want to have those BBQs soon, which means you’ll also want your yard ready and beautiful. Prep your garden area now so you can plant your veggies and enjoy that homemade salsa at your party later this summer. Clean out the dead debris in your beds and garden and remove any leftover veggies that died throughout the winter. Raking up dead leaves and pulling out dead annuals will help with the new plants you want to grow this year. The prep work is never the fun work, but it’s necessary for creating a beautiful yard and for growing healthy vegetables. 

Boost Your Soil

After you have cleared out your yard and cleaned out your garden areas and flower beds, the next best thing is to prepare your soil to give your veggies and flowers a fresh and healthy start. Our organic mountain compost is on sale right now and is an excellent custom blend that is ideal for depleted native soils. It contains alfalfa, grain by-products, straw, black peat, forest hummus, and compressed steer manure for maximum yield. This perfected blend allows for reduced use of fertilizer and pesticides while stabilizing nutrients in the soil and increasing water retention. Remember, a high-quality compost such as ours is recommended to amend depleted, existing soil, not as a stand-alone planting mix. You can also use our compost on the surface of your bed to keep it looking beautiful and rich all summer. 

Another great option is our bagged garden soil plus. This premium soil is the best available and is perfect for your veggie garden, flower beds, or a planter box. Our soil is filled with helpful microbes that are crucial to plant growth and is 100% organic with no added fertilizers or chemicals. This soil is ready to go, meaning you can plant your vegetables and flowers directly into this healthy, rich soil to start your garden off right. 

A superior compost added to depleted soil is necessary for a good vegetable yield, and using high-quality soil is a must-have addition to any garden. Not sure what you need this year? Contact us today—our friendly, knowledgeable staff is at the ready to answer all your questions. We also deliver anywhere throughout the Salt Lake valley. We offer bagged products and bulk products, so any project you have in mind can be addressed with The Dirt Bag.