Creating a Spooky Garden for April Fools’ Day

Spring Garden Ideas

Are you normally a fruit trees and pastel flowers type of gardener? With April Fool’s Day just around the corner, maybe you’re ready to take a walk on the spooky side and feature some black plants in your garden, along your trellis, or featured on window sills. You don’t need to completely redo your garden unless going for the macabre is something you’d like year-round, but some key window boxes and planters will do the “trick.” Plus, if you pride yourself on offering the best candy on the block to trick or treaters, this is a ghoulish way to up your Halloween game—and black plants with Black Mulch are the perfect accessory to your scream-inducing decorations.

Even in a warmer climate, dark sweet potato vines will flourish especially in our Garden Soil Plus. You don’t need to go “all black,” and remember that deep purples and maroons are the makings of Halloween magic. Consider purple-black potato vines tangled up with the darkest of coleus. That coffee-colored hue is ideal for the haunting season, or go wild with deep aeoniums or black petunias.

A Chill in the Air

Expect your outdoor jack-o-lanterns to have a frost? Gardeners in colder climates have their own plethora of horrific planting options. Mondo grasses feature black stripes on the leaves that are just begging to be in Morticia Addams’s garden. Try the heucheras, which show off black leaves and maroon stems while being able to take on the cold. And those black-faced pansies? They’re a gardener’s staple, durable and able to enjoy a little chill.

Of course, April Fool’s lasts just one day and you’ll probably want to add some more color to the garden soon since spring is in the air. You can segue your plants into the holiday season by choosing chartreuse plants, peppering in a variety of reds that will be perfect for the season. 

Planting black, deep purple and mahogany plants is one thing, but don’t be shy when it comes to decorations. Almost every plant plays nicely with faux cobwebs, but be careful when it comes to heavier decorations. 

Animals Aren’t the Only Carnivores

Another way to get in the spirit of the holiday is by welcoming some carnivorous plants to your home. The most well-known are of course Venus Fly Traps, which are very affordable, easy to care for, and simply look like mini monsters. There’s also the Sarracenia genus, a North American pitcher plant that has funnel-shaped leaves that trap insects. The Darlingtonia californica, or California Pitcher Plant, adores insects and thrives in bogs.

However, if you want something truly worthy of April Fool’s Day, see if you can get your hands on a Cobra Lily. With bulbous leaves and two prominent leaves that resemble “fangs,” it lures its prey by confusing them with a light show. Fine hairs pull insects deep into the digestive chambers, where they’re unable to escape. No matter how you celebrate the day, give The Dirt Bag a call to find great ideas to give your garden the upgrade it deserves.