Organic Mountain Compost (BAGGED)


Premium Organic compost – Custom blended.  Alfalfa, grain by-products, straw, compressed steer manure,  black peat, forest hummus.

It’s ideally used as a boost to increase the organics of poor quality, depleted native soils.

Helps loosen compacted soils. Promotes better water infiltration and increased water retention.

Helps stabilize soil nutrients, reduces fertilizer demand. Use fewer pesticides.

Delivery within Salt Lake County included. Please call for pricing for delivery outside of Salt Lake County. Products will be delivered within 4 business days.

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  • This product is highly nutrient rich compost.
  • Darker (almost black color) is great for topdressing to add that desirable dark top dressed appearance to planting beds.
  • Mix 1″ into every 4″ of soil for a great composted amendment.
  • Great for breaking down heavy soils.