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Your Yard Rocks!

Landscape rock delivery in Salt Lake City

You don’t want a “rocky” summer, but you may want a “rocky” yard! Opting for landscape rocks is a great choice when designing or updating your property whether you want to simply conserve water, create pathways, or make a décor statement with beautiful, colorful boulders. Rocks can look stunning on their own account, but contrasting rocks with softer features like smooth, green grass and beautiful plants and shrubs is very eye catching, adding to your home’s curb appeal. Everyone recognizes a purposeful yard with clear, caring attention to the details.

Xeriscaping has become very popular in Utah, and our diverse rock options can create an appealing yard that stands out above the rest. The idea of xeriscaping can sound harsh and “cold” looking, and many people think it’s all just a boring, solid carpet of rocks. With the right vision and materials, this is far from the truth. Xeriscaping can be beautiful, serene, and inviting. Pair our delivered-to-your-door rocks with lovely, Utah-native plants that don’t require added water to create a fantastic, environmentally friendly setting. This look is gorgeous whether you have a large, full-acre yard or a small square in a townhome community. Ornamental grasses are popular options to add in xeriscaping plans and are beneficial to helpful insects and wildlife. Amending your soil before planting perennials is important, so be sure to ask one of our specialists for advice.

Rock and Roll or Zen Master?

For many, summer is the time for BBQs and pool parties. We only have a few months to really enjoy entertaining outside, so make the most of it by creating a great space for gatherings. Using rocks around a patio or pool area is not just functional, but also fun and attractive. Creating ponds or water features with rocks creates an added element of style to your home.

Are you more into Zen than rock and roll? Create your own Zen garden with rocks, or ishi in Japanese, for all the calm and peacefulness you crave. Rocks may symbolize strength and power, which is why they’re often used in Zen gardens. And don’t forget the large stone at the entry as a sign of welcome. If you have ample space, a small bridge can be created out of flat stones to symbolize the journey from whatever your “here” is to whatever your “there” may be. Want a little bit of both worlds? That’s absolutely doable by dividing up your space to whatever suits your needs. Our experts love new projects and ideas and are always at the ready with tips and advice.

The space you want is waiting for you and The Dirt Bag can help you create it. Creating the right focal points in your yard takes some time and vision, but with the right advice, materials, and work, you can get what you’re looking for. Visit us today for all your landscaping essentials from organic high-quality soil to unique, eye-catching cobblestone.