Planning for Garden Soil Delivery? Here’s What You Need to Know

Garden soil delivery makes it easier to care of your plants and beautify your landscape.

Never had soil delivered to your property? You’re sure to appreciate the convenience of browsing products online and making a purchase without having to leave the house. But you most likely have a few questions about the process. Below, we explain the essential details about garden soil delivery.

How Is Garden Soil Sold?

Most landscape material suppliers, including The Dirt Bag, sell both bagged and bulk garden soil.

If you choose bagged soil delivery, it will come in durable, reusable and resealable woven bags. This is a popular option for homeowners, as bags can be easily moved throughout the yard.

With bulk soil delivery, the overall cost will be less. But, you may have to purchase a certain quantity to have the soil delivered. And, the entire amount will be dumped in a pile on your property. If you’re ok with those conditions, you can save by buying in bulk.

What’s a Cubic Yard?

Whether you decide on bagged or bulk garden soil delivery, you’ll need to buy it by the cubic yard – that’s the standard for most landscape material suppliers.

If you’re wondering what a cubic yard is, you’re not alone. Here at The Dirt Bag, we get this question all the time. The answer? It’s a measurement of volume – a cubic yard is one yard in height, one yard in width and one yard in depth. Or, you can think of it as three feet by three feet by three feet.

To put that into perspective, an average pickup truck can hold a single cubic yard. In terms of landscaping, one cubic yard of soil should cover 100 square feet to a depth of about three inches.

How Many Cubic Yards Do You Need?

To figure out how much garden soil to order, grab a measuring tape and use it to get the length and width of the landscape area you plan to cover.

If you’re installing a new garden or flower bed, you’ll want to aim for at least six inches of soil (though 12 inches is better). Knowing this, you can do some simple math to arrive at your answer.

Or, to make things even easier – and skip the math entirely – use our calculator. Just plug in the length and width of your landscape area and your desired soil depth, and the tool will tell you how many cubic yards to order.

At The Dirt Bag, we’re proud to offer high-quality, affordable bagged and bulk landscape materials to homeowners throughout northern Utah. Delivery of our bagged products is free within Salt Lake County, and our fees for garden soil delivery to the surrounding communities and bulk purchases are quite low.

For more information on our bagged and bulk landscape materials, or to arrange for garden soil delivery, contact The Dirt Bag in West Jordan, Utah, today.