Give Your Utah Landscaping a No-Lawn Makeover

One of the most popular landscaping trends we are seeing today is the no-lawn landscape makeover.

Although having turfgrass in your lawn provides many benefits – it cleans the air, cools your home in the summer and provides a place for family and pets to enjoy the outdoors – it has a few drawbacks as well. It requires time and care, water and, sometimes, harsh chemicals like fertilizer and pest or weed control.

no-lawn landscaping makeover

If you have areas of turfgrass that you don’t use, consider giving those areas a no-lawn landscaping makeover. Here’s how.

Design Usable No-Lawn Landscaping Zones

Take a look at your landscaping space and decide how you want to make use of it. Maybe you would like an outdoor dining area, lounging or seating area and a gathering spot for friends and family.

Create zones for each of these purposes. Connect the zones with paths or walkways, and then add plants and hardscape elements to create a lush, professional look.

If you want a small area of turf for pets or kids to play, add it purposefully, to minimize the amount of grass in your landscape. Use Utah sod, rather than starting the lawn areas from seed, for the easiest and most environmentally friendly approach.

Layout the Landscaping and Hardscape Elements

Begin your landscaping installation by laying out the shape of each of your zones. You can do this with stacked stone or stucco pony walls, low fencing, steel edging or a combination of elements.

Build your paths using landscaping rock such as cobbleoquirrh or pea gravel. For seating and dining areas, create a stable base using flagstone, concrete pavers or recycled concrete. These elements will keep your outdoor space cooler than solid concrete pads.

Add Landscaping Plants

Once you have your spaces laid out, finish your no-lawn landscaping project by adding low-water-use or xeriscape plants and ornamental grasses.

Layer plants in varying heights to give the space a lush feel. You can add pots, a fountain or other elements to help make each area comfortable and enjoyable.

Finish your planting areas by laying down approximately three or four inches of shredded mulch. This will discourage weed growth and hold moisture in the ground below, cutting down on both your time and the amount of water needed to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

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