Q: How much does one cubic yard cover? 

A: One cubic yard will cover approximately 10’x10’ area 3” deep or 27 square feet

Q: How much product can fit in my truck?  

A: Check your owner’s manual for weight restrictions. Most full-size truck beds can hold up to two yards.

Q: Do we come back to pick up your bags when you are done with them? 

A: No, please recycle them or return them with no holes for a $5.00 refund.

Q: Is sod available for pick up on-site? 

A: No, we deliver it fresh from the farm. Please call to schedule.

Q: What is the difference between bulk and bagged products? 

A: Bulk is loose dumped from the dump truck delivered with an added delivery fee. You may also pick up bulk material from our bulk supplies yard with your own truck or trailer. Bagged products are delivered in our one cubic yard bags weighing anywhere from 800-2000 lbs, depending on the product.

Q: What is the difference between Garden Soil Plus and Organic Mountain Compost? 

A: Garden Soil Plus is our top seller, it is plant ready just plant and add water. Organic Mountain Compost and is recommended for amending existing soils or as a decorative top dressing.  Both products retain a dark color.