Bagged Products

Once you have placed an order we will schedule your delivery as soon as possible and call you the night before delivery.  All bag orders are delivered FREE in Salt Lake County. If you live outside of Salt Lake County there is an extra delivery fee. You will need to call our office to get delivery prices and to place your order. Also, note that we cannot deliver up any of the canyons. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: When placing your bag order make sure you mark the location with an ‘X’ of where you want us to place your bag(s) with chalk or tape. Putting this ‘X’ down insures that we get your bag exactly where you want it. Due to the weight of our bags we use a heavy duty forklift to move these bags around. We cannot drive over grass or go under carports. The forklift is 9′ wide so we would need plenty of room to access the location you need. Empty bags, in good condition, can be returned to our office in West Jordan for a $5 refund.