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THE DIRT BAG will deliver 1 cubic yard, reusable/resealable woven bags, filled with the Utah landscaping products of your choice, to your home throughout Salt Lake County (if slightly outside of Salt Lake County, call and we maybe able to setup a delivery).

Choose from Utah garden soils, compost, top dressings, and bark mulches.

All of our products are tested and sterilized.

Delivery within 3-4 business days.

Nowhere else can you find the quality Utah topsoil, mulch, compost and other landscaping material delivered throughout Salt Lake City for less.

You may return empty bags to our office for a $5 refund per bag.


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  • no-lawn landscaping makeover

    Give Your Utah Landscaping a No-Lawn Makeover

    One of the most popular landscaping trends we are seeing today is the no-lawn landscape makeover. Although having turfgrass in your lawn provides many benefits – it cleans the...

    24 Feb
  • Order Landscaping Materials for Fall Yard Projects

    Order Landscaping Materials Now for Fall Yard Projects

    It’s time to order your landscaping materials for all those fall yard projects you’ve been planning. Now that summer’s brutal heat has gone and the kids are busy with scho...

    24 Feb
  • Sod and Fertilizer to Repair Your Damaged Lawn

    Use Sod and Fertilizer to Repair Your Damaged Lawn

    With a little sod and fertilizer, you can repair your damaged lawn quickly and easily. As we move into the latter part of the summer, your turfgrass may be looking a little the ...

    24 Feb
  • Your Garden Soil Type

    Making the Most of Your Garden Soil Type

    Whatever you like to plant, it has to grow in your garden soil. Whether you fancy fruits, vegetables, shrubbery or flowering plants – or all of the above – healthy plants n...

    24 Feb
  • Utah Mulch Guide

    The Ultimate Utah Mulch Guide

    In Utah, mulch has many purposes in the garden and landscape. You can think of mulch like your own personal helper around the garden, because it makes many of the most munda...

    24 Feb
  • Compost

    Should You Buy Compost or Make Your Own? 

    Is it better to buy compost or make your own at home? However you come by your compost, having it around is super important if you have landscape or a garden at your home. Even ...

    24 Feb
  • sod installation

    DIY Utah Sod Installation: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

    In northern Utah, sod is a popular way to create lush, healthy lawn in a weekend. Sod is cost-effective, easy to care for and good for the environment. So what’s not to love? ...

    24 Feb
  • landscaping rock weeds

    Banishing Weeds from Landscaping Rock

    Landscaping rock has become a popular fixture in Northern Utah yards for both aesthetic and environmental reasons. But, once weeds pop up in your rock beds, that clean, architectur...

    24 Feb
  • landscaping rock

    4 Landscaping Rock Projects to Improve Your Life

    Adding landscaping rock to your yard is a great way to reduce the amount of work – and water – it needs. Many homeowners hesitate to add landscaping rock to their yards ...

    24 Feb
  • utah garden soil

    3 Utah Garden Soil Hacks for Growing Success

    In Utah, our native garden soil is, to be honest, pretty awful. In fact, left alone, the dirt in your yard or garden probably won’t grow much more than a few unsightly weeds. ...

    24 Feb
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John M.John M.
Wonderful product, our garden has never looked better

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Karen B.Karen B.
I ordered a bunch of bags of mulch from you guys last year and it was so convenient! You delivered ...

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Eric J.Eric J.
I've purchased several bags, and I love it! It looks great, and has vastly improved my yard. The biggest downside ...

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Meghan C.J.Meghan C.J.
The thing I like most about your product is that it helped my garden grow last year, considering I kill ...

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Rob J.Rob J.
I love that you guys deliver to my door. Great product that makes my yard look better.

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